Additional Services

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ADI Time has been in the business of developing industry-leading workforce management software for over 25 years. Architected to accommodate the simplest business to the most complex corporate organization, our software is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription license . This require no client-side software – simply use your browser. ADI Time software provide a complete turnkey software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to any size organization seeking to improve their workforce automation.

Netclock also combines the convenience of online access with the familiarity of a conventional wall-mounted time clock, PC, and telephone. Our service is entirely online, so there's no software to buy, install, or manage.

Unemployment Claims Management

Background Screening / Employee Screening

Get the facts BEFORE you hire! Background screening gives you quick and easy access the following employment screening services.

  • Instant national Criminal Background Searches
  • SSN Validation and Address Tracker
  • Multi-State Sex and Violent Offenders Search
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Employment Credit Reports
  • Healthcare Industry Search Services
  • Volunteer Screening

This product is web-based, instant, easy to use and requires no monthly minimums or set up fees.

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Employee Self Serve

Here's an opportunity for you to help your employees help themselves. We call it, appropriately enough, Employee Self Serve - a Payday service which allows your employees to answer their own payroll questions via the Internet.

ESS gives your employees web access to all their important payroll information. They can view and print their pay stubs. No more answering questions about their W2s, W4s, or 1099. It's right there on the screen in front of them. How much vacation time do they have left? Now, they can go online 24/7 and find out for themselves. Convenient for them, convenient for you. Like online banking, the site is secure, and you can block employee access at any time.

Employee Self Serve means more information for your employees, and less time answering questions for you.

HR AnswerLink

This online 24 hour database includes UNLIMITED personalized HR consulting via email and/or phone, along with the ability to request custom forms and job descriptions for your business. For the more in depth HR questions you can ask the HR Pro in which an HR professional will research your questions and get back directly to you. Stay on top of breaking legislation with HR Articles and breaking news, research HR terms, create customized HR forms and letters, develop your employee handbook, and most importantly, ensure that you are up to date on State & Federal Employment Laws.

Outsourced HR Consulting and Strategic Planning

In addition to our online database Payday Plus can provide local hands on HR support, consulting and strategic planning. They work directly with your company to personally support your HR goals & objectives. Payday Plus produces measurable and financially quantifiable results that tie directly to business outcomes, resulting in an increase on your Return on Investment.

Areas of service include helping companies with reducing employee turnover, increasing employee engagement and productivity and assisting owners and managers with employee retention by hiring and retaining the right employees for the right positions.

Our administrative services include but are not limited to:
  • Employment Policies & Procedures such as employee handbooks and job descriptions
  • Federal & State Law Compliance such and personnel files, EEO1 reporting, ADA & FMLA compliance
  • Employee Development such as performance management and incentive programs
  • Recruitment & Termination Processes such as new hire employee documentation, interviewing, corrective action and unemployment/EEO claims
  • Training such as respectful workplace, customer service and manager/employee communication, etc; and ongoing consultation and counseling.
  • Local support for employee relations including dispute resolution, investigations relating to EEO issues, unemployment and other HR related issues that can leave any business exposed if dealt with incorrectly.
  • Posterplus
  • GL Reporting
  • Pre-paid Legal
  • Automated Time Tracking
  • Data Retention Service
  • Worman's Comp Pay As You Go
  • IRS Records Retention

PAYDAY Paycard

As an employer, the paycard is perfect for any employee. This includes the unbanked, contracted, temporary/migrant, youth or part-time employee.

Benefits for the employer include:

  • Paying by your regular direct deposit method or with our funds transfer method or any combination of both
  • Automatically receive pin ATM/Debit card
  • No checking, credit check or age limit
  • Posting of earnings statements online, toll free customer service line, fax or email
  • Customized set up
  • Customized reports
  • As a cardholder, your employees will enjoy the simplicity that comes along with the paycard. They have worldwide access to cash from over 1.5 million ATM's. They can use the card for standard purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Benefits for the cardholder include:

  • Bill payment
  • Convenience checks
  • Calling card capabilities
  • Automatic funding for children in school
  • No credit checks, age limits or banking history needed
  • No need to go wait in line to cash a paycheck

Payday POSTERplus

Federal and State Labor Law Compliance Poster Program Eliminate administrative hassles and ensure that you are always in compliance by enrolling in Payday POSTERplus. This program allows you to have updated Federal and State Labor Laws as they change. Once enrolled, your company will receive e-mail updates followed by posters in the mail with updated changes to Federal or State laws as soon as happen. This quick service allows you to post your posters immediately ensuring that you are continuously in compliance. Avoid having to worry about outdated information and non-compliance issues.